Optic Foliar Atak



Optic Foliar ATAK is a top-quality formula designed for powdery mildew control. The solution signals your crops to increase their SARS response and boost their immune and internal protection systems. Growers worldwide also rely on ATAK for pest control. The product is available as a ready-to-use spray or a formula concentrate. You can apply the solution to your plants’ leaves when the lights are on without risking damage. The formula comprises organics and copper sulfate. It’s made for use during the growth stage and the blooming phase up to 1 week before harvest. It’s the only pest control and powdery mildew control product available, which guarantees no damage to your plants’ leaves while delivering safe and non-toxic results. Your plants will be clean and shiny.


  • It’s a non-toxic formula;
  • It can be applied when the lights are on without causing damage to your plants’ leaves;
  • It’s designed at the highest Optic Foliar standards of quality and performance.