Parabolic Reflector 42” 80cm


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Parabolic reflectors are wide angled umbrella shaped reflectors that deliver all of your light towards your plant canopy extremely well.

These reflectors are hammer finished in silver and the lamp holders are fitted in a vertical position for a wide angle spread of light. The design of these reflectors spreads the light over a large area, so are best suited alone inside a grow tent or a small room with reflective walls. If you intend to use several lights in your grow room these reflectors will work very well, covering all of your plants below with an even spread of light.

  • Self assembly, easy transportation – small when un-assembled.
  • Excellent spread of light over a large area.
  • Vertical lamp position for sidewards spread of heat & light, can be mounted closer to plants.
  • Can be used for 250w – 1000w