Mars Hydro 6” Oscillating Head Grow Tent Clip Fan For Grow Tent



Powerful Clip-on Fan for Grow Tents

Introducing the Mars Hydro clip fan, designed to optimize plant growth in grow tents. This two-speed fan operates at a low power consumption of 30 watts, delivering impressive airflow volumes of 300CFM and 315CFM at 1,800 RPM and 2,100 RPM respectively. Equipped with professionally balanced 6-inch fan blades, it ensures smooth operation and even air distribution. The Mars Hydro clip fan is a valuable addition to any grow tent, promoting healthy airflow for optimal plant development.

Anti-Slip Design for All Grow Tent Sizes

Mars Hydro clip fan features a meticulously engineered built-in clamp, providing a secure hold on grow tent poles ranging from 0.6 to 0.9 inches (16mm-22mm) in diameter. With its strong grip, this fan remains steadfast, never slipping or falling off the pole. Rest assured, our anti-slip design guarantees a reliable and durable attachment solution, regardless of your grow tent size.

Efficient 80° Oscillation for Complete Air Circulation

Experience optimal air circulation within your grow tent with the 80° oscillation feature of our clip-on fan. The swiveling arm enables automatic back-and-forth movement, ensuring even distribution of airflow. Activate the small lever at the back to fix the fan in a specific position, maintaining the desired angle of airflow. Enjoy customizable circulation and cooling settings, including both auto-oscillation and fixed fan heads, tailored to your individual preferences.

Flexible 100° Adjustable Head Tilt

With the Mars Hydro clip-on fan, you have control over directional airflow. The adjustable head tilt mechanism, easily controlled via a knob, provides a generous tilt range of 100°. This feature allows for flexible airflow customization, catering to diverse air circulations within grow tents, meeting the needs of plants at every growth stage.

Quiet Clip Fans For Grow Tents

Utilizing an advanced EC motor, the Mars Hydro oscillating fan delivers exceptional cooling performance while operating at low noise levels, ensuring that the fan remains quiet during use, making it suitable for cultivation and daily use alike.

Detachable Mesh Grille

By opening the fan’s grille and removing the holders, the blades can be easily accessed for effortless cleaning. This feature facilitates regular maintenance and ensures that accumulated dust does not compromise the air quality and overall health of plants.

Elevate Your Grow Tent with Mars Hydro Clip Fans

Mars Hydro clip-on fan ensures powerful airflow, efficient air circulation, and customizable cooling settings for optimal plant growth. The Mars Hydro clip fan is the perfect companion for your grow tent, offering reliability, versatility, and a professional solution for maintaining a healthy growing environment. Experience the difference in air circulation and enhance your cultivation with Mars Hydro clip fans today.


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