Mountain Air Carbon Filters



Mountain Air filters are amongst the best carbon filters in the industry, with many users saying they are market leaders in their category. Mountain air have been voted five times North Americas Best filter and let’s face it there’s lot of growers and a lot of competition in North America, so I would say that kind of speaks for itself. But please read on to find out why all those users came to that conclusion.

Mountain Air filters are filled with the very best activated carbon and compacted using specialist methods to ensure that the activated carbon is distributed evenly. Mountain air filters only use activated carbon which is why they are market leaders and why users get a full 3 year warranty with each filter bought.
Activated carbon is expensive and extremely good quality, as it goes through many processes to become activated. Activated Carbon also called Activated charcoal is treated to massively increase its surface area, to put this in perspective one teaspoon has around the same surface area as a football pitch. The tiny pores in the carbon created in this process help with the absorption of odours and pollutants.

Mountain Air activated carbon is made by placing Charcoal in a vacuum which is then subjected to extreme high temperatures reaching over 600 degrees C, once the carbon reaches 900 degrees C it is exposed to an inert gas such as Nitrogen before it is then superheated again to up to 1200 degrees C. While this superheating process is in motion the charcoal is exposed to Oxygen and steam creating the pore structure that is so valuable in the filtration process.

Once the activated carbon is ready, Mountain Air pack their filters. One thing the user will notice is the quality of the outer shell. The metal they use is much more robust than any other filter on the market meaning less dinks occur if the user accidentally knocks their filter in the set-up process.
The outer shell comes with larger outlet holes increasing air flow with a heavy-duty metal mesh. The prefilters are made of good quality material and can be washed and reused

All the outer packaging is awesome, and users will very rarely have issues if they order this filter online. The internal collars that sit around the neck and the base are great and the cardboard itself is double walled and strong

All in all these filters are well made and well packaged the user will not be disappointed.