The Elite 600w Digital Ballast


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The Elite 600w Digital Ballast gives growers control over their grow tents lightning, helping their plants produce larger crops and yields. It is ideal for any grower who wants greater control over their grow rooms lightning environment, giving the option of changing their grow lights wattage to a level to suit their needs. In addition to being dimmable, they also include heat reducing technology that stops the ballast from overheating. This protects delicate peices of equiptment from being damages and prevents reduction of plant development.

Each ballast is lightweight, durable, and comes with a stylish metal casing.

  • Dimmable to 250w
  • Lightweight
  • Low heat output
  • Includes spare fuse
  • Can run HPS & MH grow light bulbs
  • For growers wanting more control over their grow rooms lightning environment

Product Specifications

  • 600w
  • Voltage: 120 – 240v
  • Stainless Steel Black Casing