Superthrive Mag-Pro


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Manufacturer information:

SUPERthrive Mag-Pro Nutritional Supplement NPK 2-15-4 is rich in phosphorous, magnesium and sulphur, and is designed to rectify deficiencies in these minerals and to promote earlier and heavier budding and flowering. Plants will have bigger, more colourful, and more fragrant blooms, and flavour will be enhanced through increased production of essential oils, terpenes, and flavonoids. SUPERthrive Mag-Pro contains ample  phosphorous and sulphur. Mag-Pro is suitable for soil and all types of growing media. It can be applied by hand-watering, automatic irrigation systems, or used as an additive in hydroponic solutions. Use in conjunction with SUPERthrive hydroponic nutrient solutions for improved plant health, growth and flowering.