Superthrive Bloom


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Manufacturer information:

SUPERthrive Bloom Liquid Plant Food NPK 3-12-6 is a low nitrogen, high phosphorous plant nutrient formula designed to be used during the flowering stage. You should begin using it just before your plants begin to flower. SUPERthrive Bloom contains all essential macronutrients, micronutrients and trace elements and is suitable for all plants, it reduces stem elongation and increases the size, number and quality of buds, flowers and fruits. With ample levels of calcium, there is no need to supplement with a CAL-MAG product. SUPERthrive Bloom can be used in soil and all types of growing media. It can be applied by hand-watering, automatic irrigation systems, or as a foliar spray. Use together with SUPERthrive Foliage Pro to regulate nitrogen levels for best quality and quantity. Use together with SUPERthrive Pro-TeKt Silicon Solution to enhance plant growth and reduce environmental stress.