PowerPlant LED Controller


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Manufacturer information:

The PowerPlant Controller is designed to make controlling your grow-lighting easy – even on a large scale. Combining the power of a timer and a temperature-sensitive fail-safe, you can easily program and adjust a day/night lighting schedule, and protect your plants from heat stress by programming a temperature at which the lights will safely turn off. The PowerPlant Controller will control up to 100 ballasts running simultaneously.


  • Allows growers to control up to 100 ballasts at once
  • Programmable to control a day/night lighting cycle
  • Simulates a period of ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ to protect plants from sudden light and temperature change
  • Temperature sensitive auto-dim and emergency shutdown settings to protect plants from high temperatures
  • Thermostat and temperature sensor included

Technical Specifications

  • Input: 15 V DC
  • Output signal: 11.5 V DC max.
  • Power: 1.2 W
  • IP22
  • Overall size in use – 90cm x 90cm x 6cm