Optic Foliar Rev



Optic Foliar Rev allows plants to reach their full growth potential. Unlike other plant nutrients, Rev steps in to offer an extra boost after you’ve used Watts. It’s part of Optic Foliar plant nutrients, which maintain accelerated growth rates and increase blooming. You’ll enjoy greener and healthier crops and huge harvest yields. The technology within Rev ensures full delivery of the solution without the need to adjust the pH of the formula. For the best results, use Rev, Watts, and Transport together. The formulas are suitable for use when the lights are on or in full sunlight without the risk of damaging the leaves. Also, thanks to the innovative LET (Leaf Energy Technology) system, Rev won’t leave any residues on your plants’ leaves.

General Information

  • Rev is part of OF’s range of premium nutrients;
  • It’s formulated for the vegetative and flowering stages;
  • The solution contains micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and carbohydrate sugars. The formula includes an NPK ratio of 0.5-0.6-0.021.


  • Rev is a high-performance formula;
  • It’s reliable and efficient;
  • It doesn’t require pH adjustment;
  • It’s designed at OF’s highest standards of quality for nutrients and additives.