Mars Hydro SP3000 Samsung LM301B Osram 300W LED Grow Light



Unmatched Efficiency LED Grow Lights

Equipped with 960 Samsung LM301B diodes and a power input of 300w, the SP3000 outshines traditional HPS lights by saving 25% of electrical power while increasing light intensity by a staggering 30%. This means you can achieve exceptional results while optimizing energy consumption.

Leading Efficacy and Superior Penetration

With an impressive total output of 824umol/S PPF, the SP3000 sets the industry standard with its leading efficacy of 2.8 umol/j. The light penetration capabilities of this grow light are unparalleled, extending light deep into the base of your plants. This ensures optimal growth and allows you to achieve remarkable yields of up to 2.5 g/w on average, without the risk of burning the growing heads of high-wire crops and tall plants.

Abundant Red Light In The Spectrum

The SP3000 features a substantial red light in its full spectrum design, enriched with 660nm dark red light. This unique combination stimulates flower formation and promotes dense bud development, allowing your flowers and buds to thrive and flourish. Among Mars Hydro LED grow lights, the SP3000 boasts the highest ratio of red light, ensuring exceptional results for your indoor garden.

Convenient Dimming and Daisy Chain Functionality

Tailor the light intensity to your plants’ specific needs with the SP3000’s 0-100% dimming range. This level of control allows you to create the perfect level of lighting for your plants at every stage of their growth. Additionally, the daisy chain feature enables you to connect up to 30 lights simultaneously, providing convenient scalability and ease of use for growers to arrange their cultivation conditions efficiently.

Certified and Warranty-Guaranteed

Rest assured knowing that the SP3000 meets stringent safety standards. With CE, ETL, RoHS, UKCA, and DLC safety certifications, these lights offer reliable and safe operation. Furthermore, they come with a remarkable 5-year warranty and a lifespan of 50,000 hours, backed by convenient local after-sales service.

Optimal Thermal Control

The SP3000 is equipped with a thick-finned aluminum heat sink, ensuring efficient heat dissipation. This eliminates concerns about overheating your crops, allowing them to thrive in an optimal temperature-controlled environment.


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