Insecto Smoke Fumer Generator


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Insect pests are a big problem in the UK. Typically, these pests can reoccur every cycle and treatment is necessary to eliminate the infestation.

The fumer does not leave a strong ‘chemical’ smell, can be used at any time and cannot contaminate water, so these smoke bombs are a very strong option to add to your integrated pest management inventory today!

How to use it

Ensure there are no Pets, People, Plants or Food within the space you intend to use the smoke bomb.

Close all openings such as windows and doors.

Make sure you shake the canister well and place it on a heat proof surface (layered aluminium foil will work) in the centre of the room with no objects close by.

Simply light the smoke bomb in the attic or room effected, and the smoke insecticide will be released and kill on contact all insects in said area. The smoke will access all cracks and crevices where we as humans cannot physically access.