Mars Hydro Inline Duct Fan & Filter Combo



Keep The Air Fresh With Charcoal Filter: The filter core is made of 1050+ activated charcoal imported from Australia to bring 100%-fresh air and eliminate odors, harsh tastes, and particles. The double-sided galvanized steel mesh provides 53% of the open area for airflow to pass through so that the odor absorption and elimination process can be carried out thoroughly. (The carbon filter was covered by a prefilter cloth; do not remove it when using.)

Durable Flexible Ducting & Connecting Accessories: This ventilation kit is paired with a 25-ft-long PVC thermoplastic flexible duct tube to direct the air in and out properly, durable and easy to use. With 2 adjustable hanging straps and 3 duct clamps to easily connect the inline fan, carbon filter, and ducting tube, the whole ventilation kit gets all the necessary parts to ventilate and filtrate indoor grow tents and grow rooms.

Your Smart Ventilation System:The Mars Hydro 4 inch inline duct fan and carbon filter combo ventilation kit is capable of ventilating and filtrating a 2×2 grow tent, a 2.3×2.3 grow tent, or a 3×3 grow tent. With a smart thermostat controller, this 4 inch ventilation kit will be the best grow tent air filtration and environment control system for your grow tent or grow room.


Mars Hydro