Growbitz Scissors



Grow Bitz Garden Scissors

Grow Bitz Garden Scissors are ideal when it’s harvest time. They have spring-loaded handles and razor-sharp jaws, making them so effortless to use that you’ll find yourself making light of previously tricky tasks. Their stainless-steel construction will provide many years of robust and durable service.

These scissors make cutting and pruning easy, and their powerful spring-loaded action will never pop off like so many coiled springs often do.

This product is perfect for use in hydroponic growing systems.

These garden scissors have quite a few handy features, and these include:

  • Made of stainless steel that lasts for many years
  • Open-handled design for improved ergonomics
  • Lightweight for super easy trimming
  • Plastic coated handles for anti-slip grip
  • Very sharp blades and pointed ends make precision trimming straightforward
  • Perfect for defoliation or when the harvest comes
  • It has a safety-lock band for easy storage and safety
  • All-purpose size blades for use on any stem

How Do They Work?

Garden Scissors will make trimming your plants after harvest effortless and precise. Their handle design significantly lowers the risk of hand strain, and their spring-loaded jaws almost do the work for you. They have t=raxor-sharp blades that reach into most places for accurate trimming.

The product’s stainless steel construction ensures these scissors will last a long time, and the thick plastic coating on the handles makes them exceedingly comfortable for prolonged use trimming and pruning your plants. The blades lock together for safety while not in use using the durable rubber band on the handles.

How to Use?

To use these garden scissors, slide the lock guard from the free end on either handle; this allows the blades to open. They are robust, extremely sharp, and perfect for trimming plants and many other items.

Once you have finished using them, press the handles together to slide the safety lock over the other handle to keep them securely closed for safety.