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Neutralise the Strongest Grow Room Odours with Freshhh!!! Air Fresheners
Many air fresheners simply mask odours with an over powering scent, making a terrible combination of pungent grow room odour and overbearing perfume. FRESHHH!!! Air Freshener sprays are different, producing subtle yet powerful and long-lasting odour protection while neutralising bad smells in one quick blast. A fantastic way of keeping pungent and lingering odours under control in late flower.

  • Combats pungent and stubborn odours fast!
  • Eradicates smells instead of just masking them, leaving your grow room Freshhh!!!
  • One spray is all it takes to be odour free
  • Perfect for grow rooms and tents, toilets, bins and locker rooms and more!
  • Uses complex organic odour molecules that neutralise bad smells from your environment