Fox Black Acoustic Ducting



Fox Black Acoustic Ducting – Incredible Durability & Impressive Flexibility

    • Tough and rugged material for durability
    • Reduces and muffles airflow and fan noise
    • non-allergic insulation – no chance of contamination in your grow room
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The Fox Acoustic ducting is a great alternative to standard hydroponic ducting, it’s developed to muffle the sound of fans and airflow within your grow room.

What is the Fox Acoustic Ducting used for?

The Fox Acoustic Ducting allows you to muffle and reduce the noise of loud fans and airflow within your grow room. Unlike other brands of ducting, this does not use glass wool, instead its 3 layers thick of non-allergic insulation. Likewise, its incredible with any speed and force of airflow it even holds its shape when placed vertically. Its durable design and strong core makes it perfect for absolutely any growing environment.

Furthermore, each layer of the ducting helps to reduce noise and maximise airflow. This is possible as the black foil outer layer features an aluminium shell which helps to minimise dents and kinks so nothing obstructs airflow. Whereas the white insulation enables air to efficiently transfer through without causing any additional pressure to fan systems. Finally, the middle layer insulates sounds without lowering airflow in order to give you a more efficient system.