Diamond Mylar Sheeting



Diffuse Light & Eliminate Hotspots In Your Grow Room With Diamond Mylar Sheeting


  • Ultra reflective and extremely lightproof sheeting for increasing the amount of available light in your grow room
  • Strong, durable and flame retardant sheeting
  • Helps to diffuse light more evenly around your grow room to eliminate hotspots
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Diamond Mylar is an effective grow room sheeting which enhances the amount of available light within your grow room.

What is Diamond Mylar used for?

Diamond Mylar is a reflective sheeting which helps to enhance the lighting within your grow room. This sheeting helps to diffuse the light and ensure that light is spread much more beneficially. Likewise, this helps to eliminate grow room hot spots. This sheeting is extremely durable and increases the maximum reflection of light within your grow room whilst minimising the risk of burn spots and rips occurring to your sheeting.

Furthermore, the diamond grow sheeting offers 100% light proofing and feature PET technology to make it harder wearing and flame retardant. During manufacturing diamond mylar undergoes an extra step in which they stamp the diamond pattern into the material, making the surface reflect the light better than a smooth surface.

Where can Diamond Mylar be used?

When growing your plants within an indoor grow room environment it is important to maximise the amount of available light from your grow lights. Reflective sheeting is an excellent way to achieve this, especially when growing within small grow rooms. By investing within a high-quality diamond mylar sheeting you’ll redirect stray light towards your plants. Therefore encouraging them to grow and develop quicker.  


The diamond mylar sheeting is extremely easy to handle and great to work with, its also completely washable and you are able to use 5% bleach solution to clean it.