Cultiwool CRB Large Propagator Plugs 77pcs


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Cultiwool CRB Propagator Plugs

Give your cuttings and seedlings the very best start in life with Cultiwool Propagator Plugs. Use the propagator plugs to boost your cuttings and seedlings and help them develop strong roots.

Uniform and Hassle Free Growth

Ensure your cuttings and seedlings are getting the water and air they need to develop their root system by using these handy starter cubes and tray. This makes your growing experience easier and hassle free as you can monitor the growth and development of your plants in a uniform way.

By utilising the propagator plugs you make sure that your roots are aerated and have the required supply to water and your nutrient solution.

How to Use Cultiwool Propagator Plugs

  • Prepare your cubes by cleaning and soaking them in your chosen nutrient solution;
  • Once completed, drop your seeds in and keep them away from light;
  • Put 1-3 seeds in the centre of each cube and push them down 1-2 inches;
  • Place them on the growing tray away from light;
  • Once the seeds have germinated bring the seeds into light as required;
  • After 3-4 true leaves appear, plant/plug them into your hydroponic setup.

Why Use Cultiwool Propagator Plugs?

  • The tray is perfect for cuttings and seedlings;
  • Top quality grow cubes provided, which promote healthy and strong plant growth;
  • The unit is made for the propagation stage;
  • Excellent air-to-water ratio for rich root growth;
  • High-performance product;
  • Reliable, durable and resistant.