Bud Boom



Bud Boom:

– Bud Boom is a floral hardener and finisher.
– It is designed to ripen fruits and bring out the tastes and smells locked deep down in the genetics of your plants.
The key performance benefits are:
– Weight gain
– Increased flower density
– Enhanced flavor in fruiting crops.
Bud Boom is a pk additive containing sulfur and magnesium, both of which are elements that help ripen plants.
You will see visible results quickly, with the main benefits being an increased yield and enhanced flavor. It’s a final boost for your crops at the end of the cycle!
Key features:
– Assists in pH control
– Enhances flavor in fruiting crops
– Super concentrated
– Delivers visible results and happy harvests consistently.
– Can be used with any branded fertilizer schedule and even on top of most additives schedules
– It will ripen crops uniformly due to increased magnesium and sulfur levels during final stages of flowering.