BioGreen Mam 1kg


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Biogreen MAM is a high-quality one-part fertiliser with all the required macro and microelements needed to maintain healthy mother plants from which cuttings are constantly taken from.

Combining twelve minerals and macro nutrients it gives the mother plant everything it needs.

An easy 1-part nutrient for mother plants to ensure a consistent line of healthy

quality cuttings.

Sufficient Nitrogen required for mother plants

Sufficient phosphorus for the continuous growth of the roots

Sufficient magnesium for an optimum chlorophyll and protein synthesis

Assures a cutting with more growth reserves (stronger cuttings)

Contains additional microelements to eliminate a shortage caused by cutting

Additional seaweed extract and lignohumate for healthier mother plants

Highly concentrated

No PGRs, made from 100% pure raw materials

Tip: Use Biogreen Calgel and Bioreen X-Rooting alongside Biogreen MAM for best results.