Advanced Nutrients pH perfect micro



Manufacturer information:

Advanced Nutrients Micro is part of the pH Perfect Grow Micro Bloom set of nutrients. The fertilizer is a top-quality product made for the vegetative and blooming phases. The nutrient strengthens your plants and improves their immune system, ensuring healthy growth. With Micro you’ll achieve top-quality crops and high harvest yields. The formula comprises essential ingredients, which deliver the right ratios of nutrients to your crops. The fertilizer increases your plants’ nutrient absorption and accelerates their development. Use the fertilizer for optimum harvests and strong crops

How to Use

Professional growers use pH Perfect Micro during the vegetative and flowering phases. During the first week of the vegetative phase, use 1 ml/L. Increase the ratio to 2 ml/L during the second week and use 4 ml/L throughout weeks 3 and 4. During the flowering phase, use 4 ml/L.


Advanced Nutrients