Advanced Nutrients pH perfect Grow



Manufacturer information:

Advanced Nutrients Grow belongs to a 3-part nutrient, made for high-value plants. Advanced Nutrients designed the nutrient for use throughout the vegetative and blooming phases. With pH Perfect Grow, your plants will grow stronger and achieve optimum blooming. The nutrient improves plants’ immune system and increases resistance to pathogens and pests. The special natural ingredients allow your plants to easily absorb the nutrient and accelerate their growth. With Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow you’ll achieve maximum harvest yields by increasing the number of nutrients your plants get by 31%.


General Information

  • pH Perfect Grow is part of a 3-part base nutrient;
  • The formula is made for the vegetative and blooming phases;
  • The product contains micro- and macronutrients such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Potassium, amino acids, fulvates, humates, and a surfactant;
  • pH Perfect Grow is made for hydroponic growing systems and mediums.


  • The formula has an increased solubility level;
  • Doesn’t leave any residues;
  • Made at the highest quality standards;
  • Improves your plants’ immune systems;
  • Includes the pH Perfect technology, which automatically regulates the level of the pH.

The Science

The 3-part nutrient provides superior nutrition to plants growing in hydroponic systems. The Grow, Micro and Bloom combo package promotes healthy plants and accelerated development. The package contains value-added elements, which will increase your plants’ performance. The pH Perfect technology, the level of chelation in balanced ratios of nutrients and the simplified mixing formulas, ensure that your crops have superior nutrition available. The formulas adjust the pH levels to the optimal rates. Optimal pH levels with top-quality chelates help growers achieve maximum harvest yields.

How to Use

Professional growers use Advanced Nutrients Grow during the vegetative and blooming phases. During week 1 of the vegetative phase use the product at a recommended dosage of 1 ml/L. Increase the dosage to 2 ml/L during week 2. Throughout weeks 3 and 4 use 4 ml/L. Throughout the blooming phase, use 4 ml/L during weeks 1 up to the flush.


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